About Me

Hey there! Atul Negi here from Delhi. Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my about page. I am a digital marketer and Japanese language expert. I have been in the field of marketing as a language expert since 2011.

I write about digital marketing and Japanese language on this blog.

Since 2009 I have worked as Japanese language expert for various companies. Have worked with Amazon.com and Cap Gemini (Subject matter expert) and more in the list.

This has been an awesome journey so far and added more fun to it, have started exploring fascinating Digital Marketing.

Not everyone can plan their future and drive their lives as they want to. We plan something but life has something else for us. Learning has never stopped for me and have been looking out for every opportunity of learning and growth. However, I am happy where I have reached. There are certain forces which channelled my energy and brought me here.

I joined college in 2005. I opted for business management. I was also interested in foreign language because I used to have lot of friends in that field. I really loved certain subjects in Business management such as Marketing and Business Economics.

I graduated from college in 2008, but the recession in US was at its peak. That delayed the joining dates for the students by 1-2 years. I finished college, I had no job, had to wait for a year , Being interested in foreign languages and Japanese language was most fascinating one, there in 2008 I started learning Japanese language and continued doing for four years

In 2011, I got a job offer for Rs. 1000000 Lakhs per year. ($14000 a year!) From a company called Amazon.com as a Subject Matter Expert. Have worked with many more companies since then and from few recent years I started exploring Digital marketing and getting deep in to it with the everyday that pass.

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