Challenges in Japanese language learning

Are you are facing challenges in improving your Japanese language skills?

Are you preparing for JLPT?

Well I have a work around, some tips which helped me when I was studying Japanese language.

you need to simultaneously focus on all four areas i.e.

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening

Reading can be improved a lot by a small daily habit of Reading newspapers , I would recommend to go for it on web so that you can keep notes of terminologies .NHK news is a very good platform i would recommend. you can also go for automobile and political magazines.

Speaking improves when you daily practice it , either you do it in front of a mirror or better if you can find out native people over the internet on social media who are comfortable talking to you. this daily small conversation will give you a huge confidence in speaking.

Writing skills are mastered only when you practice it daily whether you are doing on paper or on your laptop/PC. Daily try to write a essay and a email on different topics of day today events in life. but when it comes to practicing Kanji you should use pen and paper so that more you write more you remember.

Listening is the most important skill when you are learning a foreign language, you can not make out the correct meaning if you do not listen correctly and this happens when you daily have a practice of listening to that language. you have to daily feed your brain and your ears. the better listening content you can find on NHK world and would recommend can watch a movie once a week.

Apart from it you should have a daily habit of practicing particles and must refer to all the previous JLPT papers.

Languages skillset is made like any other skillset it need a continuous practice of skills.

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